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    I have a T650 GSM on Cingular. I log on to the network fine...make a call send an sms etc. all works...but then will just disconnect giving me the old "Goodbye" almost randomly...sometimes I'm on a call. Sometimes the treo is just sitting there?

    Anyone have this before....this is a used device but under warranty.

    My first guess is that the SIM or the contacts to the SIM are dirty or not connecting properly. Is there a way to test this and is there a way to fix it? I don't want to send it back for something that a little contact cleaner can fix.



    ps...I am posting this on the GSM thread as well as many of you T650ers are not GSM.
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    <duplicate thread deleted>

    There was a problem with the SIM tray preventing the SIM from making good, consistant contact. Palm issued replacement trays at one time; check with support to see if they still do.

    In the mean time, try shimming the SIM with a piece of paper. There are lots of old threads on this, btw.
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