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    I love hardware buttons on my Treo, especially in applications that use the app button for more than starting the program.

    For example Tasks, Calendar, and Memo all use the button to cycle through views.

    Well, I have more appliactions than I have buttons! I've seen plenty of applications that allow you to _launch_ more programs with the hardware buttons (using shift or opt or ??) but none that allow me to control the application once it has been launched.

    My perfect program would do this:

    Whatever program is currently on-screen, my 650's "Mail Button" (button 3) would cycle through that program's features.

    Does such a program exist? Anything similar?

    Again, I am not looking for a way to _launch_ more programs with hardware buttons. I looking for a way to _control_ more programs with the hardware buttons!

    Thanks much... Paul
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    Look for apps, like Hi-Launcher, that let you launch them via holding the button; that allows you to use button presses as you normally would within the button's nominal app.
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    I use mobileLAUNCH from the creator of the original Bob's Alarm which is now rebadged as mobileCLOCK.

    Check out mobileLAUNCH here:

    You might want to check out mobileCLOCK also, while you're at it:
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    Goodness, trying to remember what each button does, especially if you make a change - something I would be concerned about. As Bill mentioned, Hi-Launcher is a good alternative. In addition, a third party launcher that supports a quick launch feature would be handy (ZLauncher).

    I use ZLauncher and Launch-Anywhere ( and no longer use multiple button definitions. One button brings up the Launch-Anywhere application and then scroll using the 5-way.

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    I use Mcphling works perfect, & has never caused a crash...
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