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    I have been playing a game called Buzzz! And I’m pissed at the developer.
    The game is fun but try to hit 2000 and it seems impossible. My high is 1915 and that’s not easy.

    What the hell was the developer thinking? If you make a game the easy setting should be just that. As for the hard setting it’s ridiculous as it should be, so no complaints there.

    1st off why would you slow down my reaction time when things get harder unless you wanted me to throw my Treo into a wall?

    2nd why put a big *** bee in my way if you are going to slow me down and attack a person with insurmountable odds? Be more realistic as to what people can handle.

    3ed when the flies attack they don’t come one at a time they come in 3 or 4 at a time full speed Kamikaze style. “Come on” Be more reasonable.

    My final review on this game is its fun but too impossible and will eventually **** you off.

    Congratulations on making a game that in all rights was an excellent concept and just screwing it up by making it too difficult too soon.

    Oh yeah and after it beats you it even laughs at you. You sadistic SOB!
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    Maybe it's time to put the Treo down and spend sometime with your girlfriend...
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    got plenty of time for that since i married her but for the record we are both going nuts with it since i gave her my other Treo.
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    Ya gotta give the developer credit...the game has obviously drawn you in
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    I hate games where you stuck at some level - at least there should be a secret key to go from level to level (cheat code) - after all I've paid for all levels , not just first 10% I can pass )
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    leonidm, You're avatar is...disturbing (no offense)

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