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    Dear TreoCentral users,

    I am a new Treo 680 user and very frustrated to find that Treo 680 is so complex that I miss my Palm Z22. The situation in which I am deeply trapped is in the beloved Phone app. It has Contacts in its fold, yet this Contacts is not the kind of Contacts that I am used to. On Palm Z22, only the first "contact" (be it email, work phone, mobile, etc.) got shown while in list view. This way, I can quickly scroll through a number of contacts in one screen (or page up/down to go to different pages of contacts). However, in Treo 680, up to four phone numbers of one contact will be shown while in list view. That's too much for me! I try using the smallest font, but still not good enough. I know I can type letters to quickly sort through what's in the list, but that's not the cure for me. I have a lot of Chinese contacts in my Contacts, I can't simply type all the way through. So, I give only one character to the last name of each contact so that I can quickly jump to a "last name group". Is there any way to configure Contacts so that in list view, only one primary phone number got shown? When you want to summon up other alternative numbers, one can use space key (as we do in quick dial in Favorites). Hope I had made my point clear. Thanks a lot!

    trapped Treo 680 user
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    Not in the builtin Contacts I believe. I use Agendus and the Contacts view is configurable - the compact view will give you what you need
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