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    I use SMS Text Messages and wanted to save a copy of the conversation. I use Sprint as my carrier.

    If I try and do a (Select All) copy and paste (into Memos), I usually get that the clipboard is full so I can't get the whole thing.

    I tried looking for the actual file that it is stored to but can't seem to find it.

    To me that would be the easiest thing to do, just copy the file where these SMS messages are stored, then I can copy to my PC for a more permament storage. But what is the file name and location of where this is stored.

    Or is there any other way of doing this?


    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    I know there's a way to save them, but I'm not sure how to do it...sorry.

    But, for future cut/copy/paste tasks, you might want to consider a third party clip board app. The built in edit feature is really limited. Third party clip boards can hold multiple and longer items.
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    Google. Search for sms2csv + palm.
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    It is a pity that native SMS application do not even support Select/Cut/Paste.

    Anybody tried to forward a full 160 character SMS message? It is not possible.

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