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    Recently, a we had a Treo 700w show the following Goodlink password screen (blurry, yes I now - best I could do. I circled where the timer is) in which under the name of the Owner there is a countdown timer, counting down from 2000. The screen does not contain the OK button at the top right-hand side, so when you enter the password you cannot go any further. Once it finally counted down to 0 (soft resetting, or allowing the screen to be "off" resulted in either a reset of the timer back to 2000, or a pause in the countdown), the OK button then appeared, and where the timer had been, it was replaced by the devices' phone number as it should be. I was then able to hit OK, and get back into the device. It has not does this since - obviously locking numerous times as the policy is set to 20 minutes. Any clue on what this is? I could not find anything on Good's site or in the forum.

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    Anyone ever heard or seen this?

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