Writing on behalf of my wife, who uses a Treo 650. Apparently the data file became corrupted, and after this apparently did 2 hotsynchs. The data on both the phone and the program on the computer are corrupted; most distressingly most of her contacts have been erased--most entries are blank/unnamed/unfiled, and when trying to access info reads only Birthday Dec. 3, 2027.
She was on phone with Palm tech assistance last night--apparently the program stores only one previous address.bak file, so I'm assuming she's sunk. But if you think there is any way to find this data apparently lost in the ozone my wife and I would be eternally grateful (maybe especially me).
Short of this, she has a mailing list which was exported from the Palm software into Microsoft Word. Is there any way to import this list back into her contacts file?
Furthermore, she has another contacts list from an earlier version of Palm software. Can she import this file separately, without overwriting what is now in her palm?
Steve Bornfeld