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    I'm trying to use ChitChat Lite on the 680 and I can't get it to login. I've searched here, on TC, and there is barely any mention of this program anywhere. I went to Kalemsoft and read their forums, but their fixes aren't working.

    When I go to connect I get:
    "Error communicating with authentication server"
    "Login failed"

    Is anyone using this software anymore? On the 680?? Is there something I'm suppose to do in Messenger on the PC to get ChitChat to connect?

    P.S. I already tried the "online" status trick. There's something on the Kalemsoft forum about having to register the device's phone number with MSN, is that something new? I hate to put my phone number anywhere online if I don't really have to...
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    Here I am, in my empty thread with no clue why I can't sign onto ChitChat on my 680. Woe is me!!!

    It sure is quiet here...I think I hear an echo echo echo...

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    Yeah, things are generally quiet w/ccLite. I seems to be abandon-ware. I am able to log in, so the auth server is still alive...

    Did it ever work? Are you using a connection that requires a proxy (I don't think that ccLite has any way to specify proxy settings)...

    You may get a response if you post on the ccLite board, but it's beed so quite over there that there is not even an echo echo echo....

    Link to their forum is at the bottom of:
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    Well Hello!!! You surprised me, I didn't expect to see anyone else here...

    I did check out the Kalemsoft forum, but it was deserted . The odd thing is that I have it working on my 650, just not the 680. It must be something that's different with the 680, but I can't figure out what . What's really frustrating me is that it says it's been tested on the 680 on My Treo, but by who??? I can't seem to find one person using ChitChat on the 680...

    Thank you for stopping by...come back soon!
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    I tried it too. Could not login. Gave up. I am now using IM+ (and having some occasional crashes with the background mode with that one )
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    Another nice! Welcome...

    Hmmm...crashes are not good. I used to have a ton with Verichat, so I gave that up. I haven't read any resounding reviews of any of the IM programs so I thought I'd give ChitChat a try. I'm beginning to see why I've heard so little about it...
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    Wel, at least with IM+, Shape Solutions support is responsive and have provided a Debug version to help troubleshoot the problem.
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    the reason I use causerie is because it didn't have the boatload of resets that verichat had. You might give it a try.
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    I've looked in Causerie, but the feedback on the Mantra Group is horrendous! Verichat definitely had the most usable features, but like you, I had a lot of crashes and finally gave up on it . I'll look into IM+, but I'm leery of any app that causes resets. My 680 is soooo stable, I hate to go back to the days of daily resets like on my 650.

    I was trying ChitChat because I almost only use MSN and it looked pretty basic. Unfortunately, after using it for an hour last night on the 650, I found it to be seriously lacking. Everytime I went into background mode and got a response, I'd get an LED or vibrate alert, depending on what I was testing at the time, but the message wouldn't pop up. So, I'd have to leave what I was doing to return to ChitChat, then click the tab of the person I was chatting with to get back to the conversation. When I'd return to the conversation, all the previous messages would be gone, including the new response, so I'd have no idea what I was suppose to be responding to. Not very convenient IMO.

    Was I doing something wrong or missing settings? I'm about to give up on the whole chat thing, which is sad since the Treo is perfect for it.
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    I understand your hesitancy with Causerie, the support forums are a bit worrisome. It's still the most stable IM app I have found yet except for the old Chatter...
    Give it a test drive, or try Chatopus if you are a geek (it's a jabber client that works well but is non trivial to set up.)

    All of them tend to eat power, although Chatopus and Toccer ate the most in my experience.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'll check out Causerie, Chatopus and IM+. I'm one of those people that has to read every tidbit about an app before I'll put it on my Treo, so I guess that'll keep me busy for awhile . Do any of these programs have the Verichat feature where the message box pops up in whatever app you're using during background mode? That was the nicest way to chat...

    Doesn't the weather suck here in Atlanta lately ??
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    Causerie does have a popup box also. I don't remember about Chatopus.

    The weather is Atlanta in the last few weeks has been cold for here (low 20's over night and 30's or 40's during the day.) No snow though and we are expecting moderating weather over the next week or so. In other words, we're all still playing tennis ;-)
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    I'm amazed how big tennis is subdivision even has it's own team!
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    hehe... we have 4 teams here and only 100 houses. (plus lots of people playing in other leagues.) Your SD is behind the curve
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    Four teams and only 100 houses??? I think we only have one team, but it's a country club community so I don't know what goes on over there...

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