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    I recently got a new Palm cradle. It seems that the light for the spare battery charger (drawer) will never turn green. I charged a battery in the spare charger for at least 16 hrs, and still red. When I swapped it to the treo and put it on the cradle it turned green in less than a minute. The one in the treo that was green, is now red in the spare spot. I dont really care about the light, but dont know if there is a function where the charging stops, and dont want to ruin my batteries. Ideas?
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    Hi dollagreen. I've noticed with mine that my Treo needs to be in its own slot at the same time, and then it still takes hours for the light to turn green. And if you use or hotsync your Treo, that resets everything over again.

    Try it again, this time with your Treo in the other slot. And do not touch your Treo.
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    I don't have an extra batter, but, recently, when I received a warranty replacement for my Treo, I put the new battery in the slot and my old battery in the new Treo, to get it started. Within at least 5 hours, the light was green and at 100% charge, according to the Treo battery icon. I'm not sure about your battery being damaged, but we're getting different results on the light color.

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