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    I tap on the icon . . . and I get a message that I don't have enough memory to run this program. THEN, I get a FATAL ERROR.

    I had this stored on my 8mg card, and tried moving it to see if there was a difference, but still, the same error. I have 1.8mb free on internal & 973kb free on the springboard.

    Anybody have any suggestions or should I just go back to SplashPhoto?
    Prism Addict
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    From what I know, you must move the whole application back & forth between your Prism and the card. Have you tried re-installing it?
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    Well, if that's the case, FORGET ALBUMTOGO 2.0. With SplashPhoto you could have the prog & photo files in the springboard and see it beautifully!!!!

    I haven't tried to reinstall it, guess that will be the next step . . . Grrrrrrr

    Prism Addict

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