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    Hey guys/gals. I have got a friend who is having a litte trouble getting their new 700 to sync. Here is what we have gone through so far.

    "Any tech guys around that can help. I installed the software on my laptop, but, when I try the initial synch with the computer, I get a message saying the COM1 port is in use. How the heck do I fix this.
    Oh and BTW, this thing kicks ****."

    NRG: "How are you syncing? BT or USB?"

    Friend:"USB.. I did exactly what the thing said to do. But, it says COM 1 is being used and defaults it to COM3 and will not synch. Unfortunately I can not tell what is being used on the COM because nothing else is connected. I am on a Sony Vaio Laptop and apparantly this is a common problem initially. I just do not know how to tell if the COM is being used. I went into my system and hardware, but, mine does not list the Port option. I have USB Controllers. There are 8 of them."

    NRG:"Right click on the HotSync icon in the sys tray. Select "Local USB", and uncheck "Local"

    Friend:"Local USB was already checked. But, it keeps defaulting to COM3 and will not synch. I get a message saying it is not connecting on my Treo"

    Friend:"The solution was to go into my system and hardware and look up ports to make sure they were not in use. Unfortunately, I dont have a port option on my system. So, I can not tell if they are in use or not. nothing is plugged into my USB ports other than the Treo."
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    That doesn't make much sense. Make sure any firewalls are disabled... I am pulling teeth on that one. Sometimes software searches a USB for a key. Also you can check task manager for any processes that don't look familiar. Also try disabling the COM ports via BIOS if you can't in BIOS try device manager.

    I don't sync mine I don't really get the to. I have in the past but like I said why? Using Verizon Wireless sync rocks backing up mail/cal/contacts/memos and its free.
    If I could know then, what I know now.

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