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    Hey Treo friends,

    Im looking for input on what you guys think is the best software that tracks passwords, login and account information?

    My criteria is that it also has a desktop client.
    That it tracks bank account and credit card info as well.
    Insurance info etc
    That it can create unique passwords for me, and if possible remind me every so often to change my passwords.
    Lastly of course the ability to track online info screen names and passwords.

    Any and all input is welcome!

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use SplashID. Does most of what you need.
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    PasswordsPlus from DataViz.
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    SplashID here too . . . if all the multitude of categories that come "out-of-the-box" aren't enough, you can create new categories and customize any of the fields. It has a password generator too! It's 128-bit Blowfish encrypted and has a wonderful desktop app too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detective View Post
    PasswordsPlus from DataViz.
    Mee too. I got it on a deal w/ Docs2Go 9. It has both desktop and PDA component. (I mostly use the desk version but it's good to have this info on the PDA too.) Info is supposedly encrypted.
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    Also use Splash ID, would recommend it.
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    eWallet does alot of what you need as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbwjr View Post
    eWallet does alot of what you need as well.
    I hadn't realized eWallet worked on a desktop too. (A quick search indicates the "Professional" version (around $30) does. I also did a search for: ewallet, splashid, and passwords plus; in order to see if any comparative reviews popped up.

    That turned up some more programs to check out:
    "Cloak, eWallet, Secret, SplashID, YAPS, and many others"
    (above was quoted from the link below)

    Happy searching!
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    And then there is HanDBase.

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    another vote for SplashID
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    I tried all of them, and personally, I like Passwords Plus. For one, the interface is a lot nicer looking than the others. It's also more customizable. You can also have it on more than one computer. I have it on my PC and my MacBook and it all syncs together wonderfully. Try them all, if you want, it only takes a few days, but Passwords Plus gets my vote.
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    Thanks guys! Anyone else?
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    Splash ID user here as well.
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    I love ewallet. Have not tried Splash ID though.
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    After trying a bunch of demos I went with eWallet. Pro version with the desktop module works great for me.
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    I too am in the market for an password storage app. I've been using MemoSafe but it hasn't been updated in years and uses the old format memo database. I've been getting resets from it so time for a change.

    I just looked at and rejected 3nity, Adrian ID, eWallet, and KeyPlus. Either they gave me problems or didn't appeal. YMMV. This leaves me with DataShield, Passwords Plus, and SplashID for a bit more detailed study.

    One thing I need is fairly flexible import since i already have a lot of data in fairly free form in MemoSafe.

    DataShield is very nice but doesn't generate passwords. There are a number of freeware password generators available so that may not be the end of the world. in any case, I tend to create my own passwords.

    The hunt continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbd View Post
    I too am in the market for an password storage app. ...
    DataShield is very nice but doesn't generate passwords. ...
    Passwords Plus will generate passwords and is very flexible on the information it lets you store.
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    YAPS does the job pretty well, and it's free!
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    SplashID does what I want of it (basically storing gazillions of passwords). It's really easy to use & customise, so I've never felt the necessity to check out anything else.
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