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    I just gave YAPS a quick try. Not bad for a freebie, but no generalized import (just import of what you export), no templates, and no password generation (something Hdhntr23 was looking for). Passwords Plus is out for me. Just didn't seem to do what I wanted.

    DataShield is looking better and better. I still have to give SplashID another look but I really like DataShield's security options, import, and templates, as well as its look and feel.

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    I like roboform. I previously used mywallet. Roboform keeps encoded info on ur palm. However, the desktop is where it shines. It incoporates itself into ur browser. It automatically fills in all ur passwords to the sites that you visit. As well as filling in ur credit card info, personal info (name, address, phone, email address and etc) as needed to any form online.
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    Does YAPS have a desktop companion?

    Also, Roboform sounds sweet!

    My birthday is in the first week of March so Im holding off until then to actuallly buy one.

    Thanks again!
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    YAPS has a desktop viewer. There's no actual conduit. I believe that the YAPS viewer reads the Palm database file after a hotsync.

    Just took a quick look at the Roboform site. It's a PC tool with a PDA viewer. In other words, it lets you carry your passwords and stuff on your Palm, but doesn't let you edit or add anything on the Palm. That eliminates it for me.

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    I tried YAPS and removed it within 10 minutes. What's wrong with Passwords Plus? What is it missing that y'all didn't like? I tried as many as I could find, and that had the best UI along with the best feature set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeeMan View Post
    YAPS does the job pretty well, and it's free!
    I love YAPS!! It is easy and free.
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    I preferred DataShield's interface to PasswordsPlus. DataShield also had a much better import as well as more flexible security options. Not saying that PasswordsPlus is bad, just that DataShield suits my needs better.

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