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    Does anyone have experience using the 680 in a 2007 Nissan Altima with the handsfree bluetooth in the car?
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    I just picked up my 07 Altima yesterday and was able to add my Treo 650 with no problem. It works great. I am still digging to see if Audio Gateway would be compatible with it and allow me to use the stereo to stream my Pocket Tunes. in the mean time I use the indash Aux port.
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    I recently got an Infiniti G35. The 680 pairs and connects perfectly, HOWEVER...the person's voice on the other end sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Totally garbled. Tried second 680 with same result. My old 650 works flawlessly, though. Go figure.
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    Did you ever have any luck getting the 680 to with with the G35? I have the same problem.
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