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    A couple weeks ago, I bricked my laptop (it began to emit a burnt rubber smell and as a consequence, I'm getting a system replacement, which is basically a new machine.

    Most of my old sync data is gone, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on doing a first sync on a new machine? Anything I need to avoid? Anything I can take advantage of with a fresh sync?
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    White sheet install is pretty much a brainless operation. Since your not bringing any baggage over, just hook it up and let it go.
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    Make sure there are no running apps and that you have Windows Admin priveleges when you install the Desktop software. You will have to install any third-party apps that have their own sync conduits as well.
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    I'm guessing I need to install all software again prior to syncing for the first time, even though my Palm still has Splash Wallet, pTunes, etc.?

    They've also threatened me with Vista, so it should be interesting if nothing else...

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