I got a pair of Nextlink Bluespoon Spider stereo headphones from Radio Shack yesterday ($99...too bad I missed the $49.99 sale to 2/10).

Using Softick Audio Gateway 1.09 Beta and PTunes 3.09.

Excellent stereo sound and AVRCP controls working properly with a joystick control on the right earpiece. Phone functions working properly. Calls pause music and then music resumes when call is over. Only issue is phone doesn't return to pTunes screen when call is over (think that's a SAG programming issue).

Headphones say "up to 10 hours of streaming music" on the package. I'm only getting a disappointing 2 hrs.

Call voice quality is not very good. Mixed reviews on my voice quality from other end...There's no extended mike boom on these headphones.

Comfort (??) I'm a big guy with a big head and the headband squeezes me behind my ears.

Like to hear similar reports on other stereo headphones. Like to find something that works at least as well but is more comfortable to wear