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    I've had this wierd behavior cropping up seemingly at random: the Contacts database on my 700p disappears and then automagically restores itself fully after a soft reset.

    I notice it either by entering Agendus and getting a notice that a PIM database is missing or by entering Takephone and noticing that nothing is displayed. Usually the Treo will soft-reset itself after dismissing the dialog in Agendus a time or two. If I'm looking in the native "Contacts" app or Takephone, there's nothing there, and I need to manually reset the device.

    I'm surmising that somehow DBcache is clearing this database (none of the other native PIM DBs have exhibited this), and on the soft reset it is restored from NVFS. Seemingly, there is no permanent data loss (but that's tough to be sure of).

    I do have the 'Datamangler' bug affecting my database, so perhaps there's corruption predating (or caused by) this situation. Restoring (or cleaning the DB) from the desktop isn't an option, as I haven't been able to fully sync the contacts fully for quite some time - the Treo database is all I have and I've found no Treo-based cleaner (including dbscan) that has resolved this.

    I did a search and didn't find anyone else posting about this problem. Anyone else experience this, or have any ideas relevant to resolving this?
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    As a first step, have you looked at using DB Scan - you indicate there is a problem with being unable to sync your PIM files.

    Check this first. Choose Neither as the option in the first screen then the menu button them "Remove ALL Deleted Records" and see what happens.


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