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    I picked up a Treo 680 a couple of weeks ago, and just started having a new issue with the Blazer browser.

    Sometimes, when I open the Blazer browser and navigate to a new page I'll get an error message when the browser starts to download the page. The error is something like:

    File: udef_
    Blazer does not recognize this file
    Would you like to download it to your

    Now, I know this will happen when you try to download files that blazer doesn't support like flash movies or something. But this particular error happens when I try to navigate to any page. Even pages that previously were working the last time I used the browser. It's happened about three times, and I haven't found the specific steps to reproduce the bug consistently. The only way I can fix the bug and get Blazer working again is to yank the battery and do a full reset.

    Any ideas?
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    I've been having the same problem. Seems to come and go. Anybody else?
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    Hmm, I saw this tonight too. Messed around a bit to see if I could fix it, but only recovery was a soft reset.
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    Same here, it happens about once or twice a month. I clear cookies, and cache, tried everything. Doing a soft reset always seems to put it back to normal.
    Thought maybe it had to do with something hanging up when I exit the web browser, and go to a different program??

    Any ideas out there?
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    I think (unless its a blazer bug) it has to do with incorrect mime type encoding received by blazer from the web server. I havent had this problem yet. How about save the undef__ on the card and see what it contains? Post the first 5-10 lines here if you think its not a webpage.

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