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    I have had my 700p for about a month now, no big issues outside those already known, and I can live with them. Right now though, if I have the wired headset plugged in, I can hear calls/sound just fine and the mic works too. However, if I unplug the headset, either in a call or not, the phone seems to still think that the headset is in, and I can not communicate at all with the actual unit itself - I have to keep the headset plugged in. I can receive calls fine, the external speaker itself works, but the microphone and speaker for the phone calls won't work. I have soft and hard reset, and no fix. Is this a hardware issue that I need to take it to sprint to look at, or is there some kind of work around or setting that got jacked up?
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    Right there with you. I took the phone to Sprint and the tech claimed it was my headset. Bought another headset and it does appear to work better but if I bump the plug for the headset my call is disconnected.
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    But the headphone works fine. I think the treo just thinks that the headset is plugged in when it is not, and routing the voice/mic services to the headset that isn't plugged in.
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    Jason, you will find other threads here that cover this same topic. Some have had luck with sliding the jack in and out several times. That worked for me at first but it became a bigger problem as time passed. I had other problems with my first 700P so, I returned the Treo to Verzon and had them ship another one. I do not use a wired headset under any conditions now.
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    I fixed the exact same problem by inserting the headset and jiggling it a little bit. Haven't had a problem since.

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