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    I am going to France this summer, but I do not know any French. So, I decided to put some kind of translator or dictionary for French on my Visor Platinum. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with anything like this. I know I could go search, but it comes up with about 200 choices and I want something more specific. So, has anyone tried any of the foreign language dictionaries/translators? Thanks.

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  2. #2 has some good translate programs. I like the phrase translator.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    The Small Talk program from Landware looks very interesting.
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    I, too, am going to France this summer and just purchased SmallTalk from Beiks SW. It seems sufficient for me.
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    I went last summer and used Polyglot. It's a free English -> French dictionary. There seems to be a new version out that supports modules (for multiple languages), but I think the French -> English module costs something.
    Here's the link:

    France is wonderful! I'm going back this year during the middle of June for three weeks. On the 21st of June in Paris (and probably other places), there is a giant celebration for summer solstice. You walk around and the streets of Paris are like one big party! It was great! Bands are set up on different streets and they play all different kinds of music.

    I had a great time the rest of the trip too. France is a beautiful place.

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