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    augh still nothing..
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    would any of you guys be willing to kinda walk me through it via AIM or vent?
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    I can AIM is the same as my username. Bear in mind it's been a while since I've done this on a pc. I use a mac, so it's slightly different. But i'm willing to try.

    So IM=Questionfear
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    well guys we may have found the issue, we just don't know how to fix it. it seems like my computer is recognizing my treo as an mp3 player. if anyone is familar with this on a pc, xp specifically and would be willin to help id appreciate it
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    Any particular brand of mp3 player?

    This is wierd . . . . the Treo should be communicating a unique id to the computer . . .indicating what it is . . . somehow this id code is being garbled . . . either in the sending or in the recieving by Windows XP. . . .

    Can you still contact the seller?
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    doesn't specify the brand, no.

    i'll contact the seller tomorrow. there's a 30 day warranty on the phone, the guy is a power seller 2500+ transactions 100% positive.. including a lot of these treos. i doubt if anything's wrong with it but i'll give that a shot too. i think i'll also try and sync it on another computer to see if that works.
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    Next time use AIM to talk and to take control of his desktop. Just a thought... = free
    If I could know then, what I know now.
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    well guys i gave up lol. just ended up downloading it through the treo itself.

    am i gonna miss out anything else if i'm unable to hotsync, because i assume id just dl everything via web on my treo.

    thanks again to everyone who helped me by the way
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    Well then, no hot sync means no back-up. . . . . . so buy a SD card and a backup program.

    Backup nightly and create historical backup check points weekly.

    Cheers, Perry
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