Guys following are my needs. would appreciate if you can suggest best device from use and economy perspective:

Features Must in order of priority.
1. Good phone. Cannot compromise on dropped calls etc.
2. Calendar with Agenda View. Easy shifting of Tasks from one day to another day.
3. Good week view and month view
3. Storing birthdays in contacts should automatically remind
4. Should be able to type SMSs easily using QWERT keyboard
5. Should be able to store lot of contacts with email and other information
6. Good bluetooth
7. Categorize contacts and write notes against them as what i talked to whom when?
8. Take notes in PDA and arrage them easily to retrieve and go through these.
9. Synching to office calendar if possible
11. Internet browing like maps, nearby restaurants and getting some information on the tip when out. (Not must)

I had seen palm treo 700p and i liked the interface as compared to windows interface.