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    Does anyone out there have a 650 (with a data plan) with an unmodified ROM, who'd be willing to test something for me?

    I removed RealPlayer from my ROM a while back, but plan to add it back (only) if this link works. This is a Bible-related web resource that I developed.

    Here's the link; it uses technology called "SMIL" which is a web technology layered on top of RealAudio (& RealVideo).

    In principle it should play some synthesized English speech followed by some Hebrew chanting. It may be possible to open the link in Blazer, or possibly directly in RealPlayer.

    Thanks in advance for any help ...
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    I tried it in Blazer and it just gave me a blank screen. Not sure where I'd enter the url in RealPlayer.
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    I don't know if there's a place to open a URL in RealPlayer. Thanks for trying it in Blazer.
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    As delivered on the 650, the RealPlayer cannot stream audio from the Internet. Try the latest version of Kinoma.
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    Has anyone tried Mundu Radio? I just saw it and there's tons of people that have downloaded it, but I've never heard of it.
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    is mundu radio a streaming program?
  7. #7's actually nice. I downloaded it and it works well...

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