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    Is the new battery, linked here:

    compatible with standard cradles? I ask because it increases the treo's depth by 3mm and has a newly molded battery door.

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    It's going to depend if there's any room between the treo and the cradle. If it's a snug fit then no this battery won't work. If you've got some wiggle room back there then you should be ok. You'll have teh same problem with cases too, most of them are snug fit. At least for hotsyncing you could go with just a USB cable for that but the case thing is an issue, i guess a soft case would have more give.

    Overall though i've decided not to go the super battery route. too many potential issues. I have a seidio gps cradle and i know that battery pack isn't going to work with it, there's no room in that thing.

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