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    But it's fun! It's from the same people/person who made Bike or Die
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    Looks very cool. Is it worth $15?
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    I agree, I look like an ***** playing it, but it is fun. My 9 year old son loves it too!
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    I am an impulse buyer, however; I am happy with this purchase.
    The intuitiveness is great and the game works how it's supposed to!

    It definitely has the wow effect!

    The only complaint I have is that you can't play it in the dark, plus the treo 700p camera doesn't always pick up the best lighting for movement ;P
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    i have to say- this game is one of the best uses for the otherwise useless camera on the treo i've seen to date... it made me dig up my 650 and load it on there.... what a fun game
    it has that nintendo wii appeal in that it makes you move around... :-)
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    This game keeps freaking me out. I panic everytime the remote rocket looks like its about to hit my furniture.
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    Very odd stuff.. If you haven't seen it, here's a You Tube video.

    I bet you'd look like a serious dork playing it, so might not want to do this one in the subway.

    Can the keys be changed? My 5-way middle button kind of sucks, not sure it'd be responsive enough for something like this, and probably would want to avoid making it worse.
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    Yeah, I just got it and have found it pretty amazing! I haven't played anything like it, although I just read that there was a similar game for nokia. Everyone I've shown it to has been pretty psyched about it... all the way up to "I need to get a Treo, this is the first thing that's made me want one!".

    I posted my review here:

    Needless to say, I'm a fan.

    Definitely don't play this on the subway or anywhere else where people might be watching you. This should be done in the privacy of your own home.

    I can't master the 3d rocket/asteroids control so I pretty much never use the directional pad at all!
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    nice review nybble! very informative.

    khaytsus, there is no control changing to my knowledge; however, if you can at least hold the center button down you should be all right. it does not require too much tapping to shoot
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    this is so cool!!!!
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    I wish the aliens would stay at eye level (more-or-less) and not fly too much up or down. The featureless ceilings and carpets make it difficult to deal with objects way above or below.

    Currently, I suck real bad at this game.
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    I tried the trial version and, 5 minutes later, bought the unlock key. What a cool game. Like a poster said above, playing this game in my swivel chair totally makes me feel like Han or Luke in the Milennium Falcon. (Wow, that sounded dorky!)
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    A most excellent game. All of my BlackBerry colleagues are greener than the aliens with jealousy.

    And besides being a genius, the developer is cheerfully responsive: My treo doesn't have the HS SN needed to register the game (long story), so the developer made an alternative that works with my hotsync name.

    In the beta I'm using, there are some nice improvements:

    >> - reverse up/down controls option (mostly for asteroids mode)
    - auto-targetting option (automatically turns your rockets and ships
    towards the target - when the green targetting rectangle is active)
    - the asteroids game space is slightly smaller
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    28-Feb-2007: Version 1.1 released!

    * bitmap aliens now explode in a much more enjoyable way
    * aliens which are almost dead (one laser shot to kill) show their damage by emitting smoke
    * autotargetting option - makes the ship or RC rocket automaticaly turn toward the target when there is a green targetting rectangle (this is meant as a way to make the asteroids mode easier)
    * you can use the treo side button to fire
    * reverse up/down controls option
    * asteroids mode game space is now slightly smaller (=easier)
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    very impressive game! I gotta try the update
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    Thanks aprasad!

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