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    If this is a simple answer and I am missing something, then please excuse the ignorant question. but I have made so many tweaks and hack to try and make GMM usable that I am not sure what is from the original installation and what is from my changes.

    I often dial into conference bridges that require a passcode after the initial 1-800 number. In my pocket outlook it lets me add the "p" extension to pause and then dial whatever digits follow.

    With GMM hijacking the native contacts my voice dial and speed dial won't do this anymore (not to mention trying to dial from the Good Contacts itself). Is it correct that Good Contacts does not support extra digits or am I just doing this wrong? I have read many similar posts, but they are either outdated or were for Palm OS. I am on a Treo 750 with Windows Mobile.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    Yes, GMM does not recoginize extra digits. A work around (and I KNOW how much you love work arounds ) is to create a favorite of that number and put the extra digits in the favorite. If you dial from the favorite or from the Good contacts, the 'Extra Digits' button will come up. I tried it this morning and if you set up, in the speed dial, to automatically dial extra digits, if you dial from the Good contacts, it will automatically dial them as well.
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    Thanks for the workaround tip.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT

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