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    So i know how to use Romtool. I used that to build custom roms before but decided i wanted to up from 1.17 CNG to 1.20 ENA.

    So i updated the tags in romtool to ENA and 1.20 and saved those.

    Then i did a hard rest to clear out the stuff in my 650. I downloaded/isntalled the 1.20 updater from Palm and that all seemed to work fine.

    Then the updater runs on the 650 and it copies files with that status bar underneither. When it finish that it says Updating Treo ROm, this should take 15 seconds. This screen never goes away, it just sits there. I've let it run twice now for an hour each time.. nothing.

    A month ago, i did the upgrade to the CNG 1.17 flash, not sure what it was originally but it from the 650 launch on Cingular back a few years ago. So i know i can actually flash the firmware successfully at least a month ago when i did the 1.17 up.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I'm going to throw this out there. ROMTOOL says the max size of a rom i can upload is ~7.1 mb. Would that stop the 1.20 ENA rom from upgrading? Didn't i read somewhere that rom needs an 8.4 mb rom parttion? Hmmmm. Guess i'm stuck at 1.17 then. grrrr.
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    I have encountered the same problem trying to change from CNG to ENA_ROG. I was going to try the ENA today but after reading this I don't know if I will. Can anyone offer some help here?

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