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    I have been a loyal Palm user for many, many years. My Treo 600 was okay but I was chomping at the bit to upgrade to the 700p. Well that day finally came a few months ago and it has been a nightmare. The frequent crashes seem to have lessened however my biggest problem is that, half of the time, it just plain doesn't ring. If I'm staring at it, the screen will light up with call info but it doesn't ring and doesn't vibrate at all. (And, yes, the ringer switch IS set to "on.") I have had to convince a few friends and business associates that, no, I'm not trying to blow them off deliberately. Verizon has suggested soft resets, hard resets, etc. The hard reset seemed to briefly help but the problems crept in again. I use Ringo for ringtones and have tried disabling it but the issue remains. Any suggestions before I switch over to Neanderthal mode with Verizon? I am soooooo disappointed with this product.
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    Is it the hardware or is it a software glitch/corruption?

    If you did not do a clean install after the hard reset -- the next hotsync probably brought the problem back . . . . .

    Also, try running without Ringo installed for awhile. . . . . if you do the clean install . . . have that be the last 3rd party software you install in your search for the culprit . . . .

    I seem to remember issues with this program in my past reading on the forum. . . .
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    Well, in my case, it does look like Ringo Pro was the culprit and many thanks to Perry for the detailed assistance. While I know that many have had good luck with Ringo on various Treo devices, in my case it led to a great deal of frustration (after little or no performance issues on my previous Treo 600). For now I'm back in the "happy Treo owner" column (and really enjoying my newly installed TomTom Navigator 6).
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    I tried Ringo once & deleted it within 10 minutes after as many crashes! Its so buggy, I dunno how people get it to work right.
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