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    I know there is probably a simple answer for this...but I am not finding it on my own.

    My 680 is in its cradle/charger. Is there any way to initiate a hotsync from my PC. My cradle doesn't have a button so I have to bring up hotsync on t he treo for it to go. With my clie, there used to be something in the palm software to start a hotsync. I can't find it.

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    I'm pretty sure that what your doing is your only option without the hardware button.
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    But why bother? Why not just push the hotsync button on the hotsync 680 screen? It's a little less convenient than pressing a cradle button, but it works just as well, doesn't it?
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    It isn't within arm's reach. and I have to go through a couple of menus to get to the right screen. I could give it a quick key but then I still have to button to the phone screen. If I am in my palm application, it would be great to just sync.

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