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    I have a USB cradle that I put my 680 in at night. The red light comes on to indicate it is charging... but I only get a 60% charge by morning. How long does it take for others to trickle charge from zero to 100%?

    the battery otherwise does well.
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    Are you sure your cradle is compatible?

    Trickle charging usually takes much longer and is only designed as a "top off". The manual suggests using the charger.
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    I got it on ebay. It was probably made for the 650... but the charging light goes on.

    I also have a car charger..that seems to work faster. but the design of the plug is HORRIBLE. You can't plug it in without looking down at it..and it falls out easily. Why isn't it just a plug like my old nokia?
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    Many of the 650 cradles are NOT compatible with the 680. Lots of threads on this. The light going on does not tell you that it's working properly.
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    what does not compatible mean? If it means it doesn't fit... it does in my case. It certainly charges... just seems to be taking a long time. Reportedly you can put a 650 battery in a 680 if you have the bigger back.... so they must be similar.
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    If I understand you correctly, cradle or not, this is just a USB charging device. If so, it's true that it is basically a trickle charge. Eventually you may get to 100% but it's going to take a long time. It's also true that Palm suggests using this just to top off and not for complete charges. Finally, the efficacy of a USB charging device also depends upon your PC. Not all PCs give out the same energy through the USB. Some give none, others almost none.
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    thanks.. maybe that is the issue!

    My USB is a powered one so there should be enough juice.. but maybe it just takes a long time to trickle (sounds like a prostate problem )

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    By NOT compatible I mean this.

    or for the truly lazy....

    Solution ID: 42891

    Sync cradle compatibility and battery issues with Treo 680

    Older sync cradles, such as the cradle kit for LifeDrive, Palm TX, Tungsten T5 and E2, and also older Treo 650 smartphones, are not compatible with Treo 680 smartphones. If you use one of these incompatible cradles with a Treo 680, you may see these symptoms:

    * Reduced battery life: This can be caused by incorrect electrical signals being sent to the Treo 680 during charging in the cradle.
    * Background applications running without your knowledge: An incompatible cradle can cause unpredictable results, and possibly leave the smartphone in a state where background applications are running, such as the car kit application, even if the application has not been activated. You may notice that your indicator light (LED) is glowing solid green or red unexpectedly.
    * Smartphone can't sleep: The signals may prevent the smartphone from going into power saving ("sleep") mode, reducing your standby time.
    * Noticeably reduced battery life based on the above symptoms.

    Important: An incompatible cradle may still "work" for synchronization and charging, but using it may result in erratic behavior on your smartphone. This behavior may not be apparent or entirely visible; it will manifest itself as reduced battery life on your smartphone.

    Even if you do not see these issues while using an older sync cradle, we suggest you do not use these cradles with your Treo 680, as the issue may appear in the future if your cradle is incompatible.
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    depressing. cradle was expensive because it has a slot for an extra battery. I wish there was a way to tell what the compatibility difference was to confirm it isn't compatible before I shell out for another cradle........

    I am tempted to just...chance it and let it trickle for longer.

    thanks for the information.
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    The regular palm cradle is compatible and has a slot for an extra battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    The regular palm cradle is compatible and has a slot for an extra battery.

    Actually, that's not quite true. You have to look at the SKU and revision numbers on your Palm cradle to determine whether it's compatible. Mine was not.
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    Mine is and it has.
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    yeh, I have a 3rd party one... so I can't rely on the revision number...

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