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    That's right everyone GPS! I need opinions and research. First off, I've read all the reviews and am going to buy TomTom 6. I know some may prefer Garmin but I have tried TomTom and Garmin now and just cannot get over TomTom's simplicity. So my challenge to you....WHAT'S THE CHEAPEST PACKAGE OUT THERE. I want TomTom 6, USA maps, all on the pre-loaded SD card, bluetooth GPS, and some sort of mount. I have found the one on Treo Central's store, but there has to be a better deal (I'm sure one of you can find it) So show me what you got!!!
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    I looked around and with the recent $40 discount, the TreoCentral store has the best deal for me, so I bought it. I needed a car mount and all, so it was worth it.
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    You might get better responses if you put something about GPS in the thread title.

    Also, I think this is in the wrong forum. You might get more and better responses in the correct forum. This forum is for Treo 650 hardware topics.

    Good luck!
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