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    Ok, so I'm on my third arctic 680 now. First one had two dead pixels, second one was DOA (touch screen didn't respond to any taps even after several hard resets). Now I have this third one. Out of the box, there were ink smudges on the back and along the top right side next to the screen. Blue ink next to the screen, red on the back and some weird black stuff next to the camera. Cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol, but when I was cleaning the ink off, I noticed that the front half of the 680 is shifted to the right and the back half is shifted to the left. This is when I'm looking straight on at the top (the end with the silencer switch).

    Total shift seems to be around 1mm (.5mm for each half). What's going on here? Palm has some really sh*tty QC. I'd ask for another reship, but they told me that they can only do one reship per order. This second reship was an exception since the first reship was DOA.

    I'd just get a refund and reorder, but the only unlocked one available now is the graphite.
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    Anyone else get a unit like this?
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    Just a thought, Don't reorder from palm and buy from one of the palm retailers who still have color stock.

    It's the same price and free overnight shipping to boot.
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    Who else sells unlocked Arctic 680s for $399 or less?
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    Here's what I said in another thread & I sent my friend over there to buy his copper also.

    "Just call the palm retail stores directly. The SFO one has been very active here and my friend just bought one from them recently. Free overnight shipping which the website does not have and exactly the same warranty from palm. You want the gate 86 store as there are 2 in SFO airport. goto the palm site for the phone number and tell them you heard about them here, maybe they will throw something in the package for you....."

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