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    After a good two weeks of consideration, I am going towards the Treo. RIM can take my $$ another day.

    I am probably going to make an offer for this new Treo 700p. There are better deals out there but the seller feedback isn't as high. I was involved in a scam with a low feedback seller years ago, so I only keep to those above 50.

    The phone is advertised new with a clear ESN, so I don't think I'll have an issue. Thanks.
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    I have always bought my Treos new from a reputable vendor ( like Sprint or Amazon or Palm) to ensure warranty service if anything goes wrong. The marginal savings from buying on eBay ain't worth the risk. In my opinion that is.
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    This might just be the accountant in me, but saving close to 30% isn't marginal.

    Palm Price: $650
    EBay price: $470
    Difference $180
    % Savings 28
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    470 is waaaaay to high for an ebay phone. As a rule of thumb, I wouldn't pay more than about 50 bucks over the new w/ contract price (which is $300) for any phone. And even then I would only pay $350 for a brand new phone with warranty. If you are going to buy a phone out of warranty then it should definitely be sub $300.

    Depending upon when your contract is going to be up, I would call retentions, cs, etc and try to get them to offer you the price w/contract.

    FYI, I paid $350 for my 700p last June when it was brand new, by signing a new contract. Good deals can be found....
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    I am mid-contract (signed Apr 2006). All Sprint will do for me to get a phone at the new contract price is add a line. I am a single person and my dog doesn't need a cell phone.

    I don't throw a fit though when I call customer service. I used to be in retail back in the day and hated those who b**ched up a storm just to get what they want.
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    Buy from a seller named "Zelday". I bought a 700p sprint about 2 weeks ago for 450 shipped and it was a great phone, brand new in box. Obviously clear ESN and good quick shipping.

    He might not have any 700p now, I just quickly checked, but email him and ask maybe? Just giving you an idea of one secure seller out there.
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    The extra cost of retail (whatever deal you get) over eBay = the insurance premium to ensure no brain damage if the phone doesn't ship, or it isn't what you were promised, or the ESN is manky, or it has technical issues (a Treo 700p with technical issues requiring replacement? Who could imagine...)

    The smart accountant realizes that the insurance premium is a baance sheet item (it is an asset--protection against loss of an asset). Don't look at it just as an income statement item.

    Or think about the 'sleep at night' nonfinancial factor.

    Or maybe your risk tolerance level is higher than mine.

    Or maybe the cost difference is less of a concern to me -- like maybe you're a student on a limited budget.

    Whatever. I just sold 2 phones this week, one here on TC and one on HoFo so I appreciate the aftermarket and its buyers. Me personally I only buy aftermarket on Craigslist, local, and I do it face to face so I can check out the phone first.
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    Cost isn't an issue with me. But if I can get essentially the same product for $200 cheaper, why not?

    Too late, I bought it from Palm just now..

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