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    I have AOL for Palm OS (Version 2.0 build 30). I want to use it with my ISP connection (BYOA) rather than connecting to AOL using AOL dial-in access. Is it possible to connect to AOL over my ISP connection?
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    I don't see any way to do it with my Deluxe but I notice under tips it says if you are using Palm O.S. 3.3 or higher you can select the connection configuration for your modem.
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    It is my understanding that AOL for Palm requires you to dial in to their network... BYOA is not yet available (though I think I've read that they're going to possibly include it in a future release). AIM for Palm, on the other hand, will connect using any ISP.
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    I believe AOL for Palm is just AIM & Mail. Like Mark said, you can connect to AIM over your own ISP. For mail, you should be able to use a Palm browser (Try AvantGo, Browse-It, or Blazer) and access the web based mail at
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