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    Their advertisement are a laugh. I have been fighting to minimized cronic dropped call for at least a year now. At least 6 GSM phones and now the Treo 650 which appear to be highly susceptible to dropping call. I have watched the signal level go to no bars and holding a connection and up to a minute later it drops it. Maybe just so they can bill the extra time. Ha ha...

    I have waited and it can take up to a minute before the Treo will get the signal back. This is usually while moving on a GoTrain (transit system in Toronto, ON). Highest dropped calls and poor reception along most of the corrodor with is through Toronto and not the burbs...
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    I have been on the Rogers network for many years, the last two using Treos (650, 680) and have rarely ever had a dropped call.

    You know, it is possible for their statistics and your personal experience to both be true at the same time.

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