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    Anyone put this program on their 680 and does it work OK?
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    I would really like some information on this as well. I have a version of that on my Motorola Z3 RIZR, complete with the "Clownfish" homescreen picture, that a friend of mine modded for me.

    That would be cool on a Treo.
  3. #3 works fine and looks cool, but I didn't see the use for it.
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    I saw that picture on Flickr and it's the first I've seen this.
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    Do a web search for iphoney + palm and you will find dozens of sites to which Apple lawyers sent cease and desist orders. Heck, even blogs showing pictures of it were sent letters. Maybe some servers on non-Western countries will still have it. I believe v 0.2 was the last.

    Strangely, it worked well and if it had an info bar (provider, cell signal, battery, etc.) and customizable button icons (so you could switch in or out apps), it would have been a very useful 'home' screen, Apple IP notwithstanding.

    Maybe the developer could do a non-Apple version, using Palm 2.0 looks
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    although its in spanish - still a pretty good link

    The only TREO VIDEO CAST on the internet!!!
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    Yeah, there was a lot of fuss about it like a month ago, but then Apple sic'd their lawyers on everyone and they were forced to take the file down.

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