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    Does the issue with 'Enable Local Network Time' still exist on the Sprint Treo 650 with the latest firmware 1.13a ??
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    any issue has been w/ it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by amdxmania View Post
    any issue has been w/ it...

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    Only problem I have had with network time is if you save a to-do or calendar event, while you don't have service, the date gets screwed up and enters the year as 1904 or something...
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    He might mean the treo turning itself on [randomly] because of Network Time... In which case mine has does it sporadically and is currently doing it at 12:09 AM.
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    OH, I see.
    First time I entered an item and then tried to find it again(was back in 1904) I turned that network crap off....

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