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    I'm getting hammered from one number with SMS spam this morning... this is a new thing for me. Right now I've just got the phone part off but that makes my Treo a little less usefull (Treo 650 by the way). Any suggestions? Is there a way to block a number from sending me a message... or can I leave the phone on but turn off SMS messaging all together? Sprint PCS if that helps.
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    What is SMS spam? Is it something new the phone companies are doing now? I think there's a program by Toysoft that lets you block SMS...
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    Sorry I didn't go into much detail... it's coming from one number that I don't know and I got about 30 text messages in like a 5 minute span. They were similar to the emails you might get that you consider spam, but some of them were more dirty jokes... so dirty jokes, then some of those "hey how r u" kind of things.
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    Maybe a wrong number?? Try Buzz from Toysoft, I've never tried it but I know someone here has...
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    I've had this same issue with sprint since last month. Every couple of days I would get a spam type message from a blocked nuber or a number I didn't reconize. Spam as in I should get in on a deal that will make me more $$$ or some girl I supposedly met wants me to only text her at suspicious looking 800 number. Fortunately they stopped. I wanna believe its cause sprint stepped in (but I know better) I'm just happy they stopped cause at $0.15 a message they add up fast
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    CallBlock can block Sms
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