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    I have tried to use the "search" machine for this...but to no avail.

    My Treo 680 should be here to day, and I have read about an update to enable the Treo's with "push" email a la Blackberry. But...also read that the graphite Cingular Treo 680's weren't accepting the update (or the battery patch for that matter) very well.

    Is this true? Hope not.
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    I don't know anything about push e-mail. If I needed it, I would just use Chatter, but I don't.

    Whether the camera/battery patch is working depends on who's posting. Some have great improvement after applying some don't. I think it depends on what your theory is about what the cause of the battery drain is in the first place. Alot of users have background programs running others don't. I "conditioned" the battery and applied the patch and have great battery life now. But, I don't run any applications that have to execute on their own (like push e-mail) or run in the background (like IM programs).
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    I just read on Palm's website that the push email update is not to be installed on Cingular Treos. I don't recall seing this before; wonder if Cingular is balking at the idea that its customers would get more use out of their data plans without paying more.

    I can't imagine what it is about the Cingular Treos, though, that would prevent the update, unless Cingular knew it was coming and asked Palm to add some software to it that prevented the Treo from being updated in the future.
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    There is a hack that allows Cingular branded Treos to make the direct push upgrade work. Please do a search on this forum of direct push. I believe it's a matter of adding two or three files to your Treo.

    I haven't tried it yet because I use Chatteremail.
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    Please forgive my extreme ignorance...but what is Chattermail, and how do I get it, if I indeed get the Treo 680?

    I'm not a technically-talented person, so all the adding files and all that jazz is totally foreign to me.

    Thanks for the newbie-help.
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    Chatter Email by Marc Blank

    If you search for it, you'll get about a million hits. It's the one must-have program for Treo users...if you need push email

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