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    OK, While I'm not exactly a "Super Power User", I do read a lot and am usually ahead of the curve... Until now. And yes, I've SEARCHED.

    My beloved Treo 650 (Cingular) resets twice a day, at 0800 and 1800, every day. At this time the Treo receives a command from MLights to change the screen intensity. PalmInternals verifies this, reporting an alarm scheduled at those times, as follows:

    02/13/07 08:00:05 m68k 731AE600
    02/13/07 18:00:40 'GSMLibrary' m68k 204DA8F0

    I've tried locking MLights with RLock, to no avail.

    First, can someone please advise what the m68k call (as shown by PalmInternals) is doing, and

    Secondly, can anyone offer a suggestion as to how to stop this annoying situation?

    Incidently, the phone is:
    Firmware: 01.51
    Software: Treo650-1b.17-CNG
    Hardware: B

    MLights v 3.7.1
    ZLauncher 5.43

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    A bit more info, now that I'm actively attempting to diagnose this reset problem.

    Good news: MLights is not the culpret. I thought I had already changed the times within MLights and the resetting moved to the new times, but apparantly that is not the case. Duh.

    Bad news: MLights is not the culpret. This leaves me at square 1 with regard to finding out what is causing this reset.

    Another dump from PI this morning:
    02/13/07 08:00:05 m68k 731AE600
    02/13/07 08:15:05 'mLights' m68k 732122A)
    02/13/07 08:30:05 'Butler' m68k 7316DE44
    02/13/07 18:00:40 'GSMLibrary' m68k 204DA8f0

    It is the 08:00:05 and 18:00:40 m68k calls which cause the reset. I moved the MLights activation to 0815 and 2115, which last night functioned normally. The Butler call is to stop and start the LED flashing (a second call for butler happens at 2200.

    Any suggestions on these mysterious Treo alarms?
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    Don't use RLock unless you have NVFS unaware applications on your palm (very few of the current Treo applications fall in this category).

    In-fact you may be messing things up with RLock.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I only tried RLock after I noticed my 650 resetting at the above-mentioned times. Further, since MLights is apparantly not the culprit, I have unlocked it with RLock.

    The Treo still resets at 0800 and 1800, just like clockwork

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