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    I'm new to GSM network. I just ported my verizon number to Cingular and it took about 4hrs to complete. I'm loving GSM and its as clear as Verizon. Can anyone tell me how I can export all my contacts to the SIM card on the 680? It looks like I can export them individual, but is there anyway of exporting all contacts to my SIM card? Please let me know. Thanks!
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    Since your using a smartphone it's really designed to keep all the data on the phone not the card. There is alot of information associated with each number that the sim won't handle. Therefore, if for some reason you need to export all your numbers to the sim (and it's not more than the sim can handle) then I think you will need to do it individually. Besides, most phone chips can only handle about 100 numbers anyway with no additional information.

    Basically, I think it's only designed to export one number at a time. If you have another regular cell phone, then the PC data programs are better designed to do what you want.

    You might search around, perhaps there is a palm utility that does what you want.

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