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    a few suggestions:
    1.) No Authentication - I could enter any email address and send obscene messages if I felt like it. (not that I would do that )
    - Can you allow the attachment to be sent through the user's email provider (user would configure your app to use thier email provider)?

    2.) Can you allow playback from the ear speaker when ringer switch is off (as opposed to just using the speakerphone speaker)?

    3.) For "send us a comment", allow user to hear/approve playback before sending

    1) Didn't even think about this! We want people to be comfortable with the app and use it for above-board activity only.

    2) Right now, no. Not sure how hard it is to add, but I can have the programmer look into it.

    3) I like that idea.
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    Later this week we hope to have a new version of AventVoice that will address these two issues:
    • Battery Drain
    • Side Button

    Note, these fixes are for the 600 & 650. Our next step is to test it on the 700 & 680. - to download .prc
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    any updates yet?
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    Yes. There is an update. In fact I have had no issues over with this release. My friend has it on her 700 w/o any issues also.

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