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    The Flexi-Skins for the 650 and 700 series come with screen protectors (btw, those Palm branded screen protectors are horrible) the Flexi-Skins for the 680 / 750 (which only comes in 3 packs) do not include the screen protector. Not having a cutout on the 680 / 750 Flexi-Skins is fine since both units have very good volume out of the box.
    Rubber over the speaker much cut the volume down quite a bit.

    How is the earpiece volume through the skin?
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    The volume is fine. I had completely forgotten that the earpiece was covered until I read it here.
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    When I was outside (in a louder environment), the covered earspeaker muted the volume too much. I had to cut a hole in the skin to increase the volume. If you always use a headset, this would not be an issue. I don't always have my headset with me, so I resorted to cutting my own earspeaker hole.

    I hope zCover will come out with a skin for the 680. Their skin offering was my favorite for my old 650.
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