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    Now I've got nothing against it. But I don't speak or read it. So I don't even need it on my treo. or in the ROM

    I took out one more of the setup apps than is listed as OK from my rom.

    This removed the Language selection at reboot and the "press z" stuff

    From that ROM I booted straight to erase data and then preferences!

    So i got to thinking Do i even need the spanish stuff?

    Sure enough - just moments ago I took an additional 98 files off of the Treo 650 ROM. and it worked just fine!

    Yesterday I had 6.5 MB free on the phone - after all of this and re-install all my apps via hotsync backup - I have 7.8MB free. which is pretty good as far as i am concerned. 1.3mb Returned! or is it.

    I've been a treo user for a few years now - coming from a kyocera 7135 -

    You guys, YES YOU! are the greatest singular source for all this knowledge

    I can't thank you all enough for all of the hard work. MY TREO ROCKS!
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