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  • < 5 words per minute

    0 0%
  • 6-10 words per minute

    5 10.87%
  • 11-15 words per minute

    6 13.04%
  • 16 - 20 words per minute

    6 13.04%
  • 21 - 25 words per minute

    10 21.74%
  • 26 - 30 words per minute

    9 19.57%
  • 31 - 35 words per minute

    2 4.35%
  • 36 words per minute (are you serious?)

    1 2.17%
  • I don't do graffiti; I tap away at the on-screen keyboard.

    2 4.35%
  • I don't do graffiti; I use an external keyboard.

    5 10.87%
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    I am curious to see how fast everyone can scribble away on their Visors... go to
    download WPM and see how fast you can graffiti.

    I can only manage 17-18 words per minute.

    Be honest, now!
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    I made 26 wpm the first time I tried the "Dom Perignon" test with Graffiti in Fitaly Letris. But normally I probably get about 20 wpm. My problem seems to be writing too small in my quest for speed, so my o's and sometimes i's get interpreted as just a dot (tap). I don't use any on-screen keyboards (like Fitaly) even though they're noticeably faster, because I think Graffiti is more convenient...
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    I can do about 20 WPM with graffiti.
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    I can't type very fast (maybe 36 wpm with the stowaway) but my grafitti is as fast as 24 wpm.
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    Graffiti for me is abotu 20, and tiring
    Typign for me is abotu 50 and fun!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Originally posted by miradu2000
    Graffiti for me is abotu 20, and tiring
    Typign for me is abotu 50 and fun!
    Hehe, how about accuracy???

    I am pretty slow at graffiti, but that is because I use a Stowaway to enter any large chunks of text.
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    #Chars in original: 46
    #Words in original: 9
    #Chars written: 46
    #Words written: 9
    #Errors: 0
    #Chars written - Errors: 46
    #Words written - Errors: 9
    Time Elapsed (seconds): 20
    Words Per Minute: 27
    Corrected Words Per Minute/Score: 27

    Cool little program.

    Will work for gadgets....
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    I'm obsessed with the WPM proggie.. The highest i've hit is 36 WPM.... and it's not a flukie.. my top 7 or 8 scores are all 36 wpm.. however, i can hit that usually after i 'warm up'.. testing myself cold with WPM can get me 30-35 wpm.. I'm surprised other can't even get to 30..

    i remember reading and julie said she could hit 45 consistently.. that's crazy.. I dunno if i'm remembering wrong...

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    I guessed at first. Then I loaded up the program 24-26 wpm.
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    With Word complete the number is over 40 WPM. Add in TapPad and it's the only way to graffiti in my mind. However, I don't have a Palm for the purpose of WPM. That's what my laptop is for when I'm not at my desktop. I can type over 60 wpm on my computer with almost no mistakes....

    The real trick is that for scheduling etc...I'm faster than doing it by pen and paper from start to finish which the finish includes logging the call or meeting with Action Names.

    Word processing....not what Palm had in mind originally but can serve as a nifty email wireless device. Therefore, there is value in WPM.

    I'm whining - the Timberwolves just lost to San Antonio and I'm taking our my frustration of their loss on this post.

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    I'm just frustrated trying to get through the sentence wihtout an error. Now I know why I bought a Stowaway!
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    # Chars in original: 46
    # Words in original: 9
    # Chars written: 46
    # Words written: 9
    # Errors: 0
    # Chars written - Errors: 46
    # Words written - Errors: 9
    Time Elapsed (seconds): 19
    Words Per Minute: 29
    Corrected Words Per Minute/Score: 29

    yeah, i wrote that ...

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