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    Hey i have already done the rom tool to install the fat32 however i want to install the new to read 8 gb, however if i am using grack tool and want to remove more files from the modified one and add new ones how do i go about doing that? Do I just cut and paste from the cusom ace rom and then reupload the rom with the added files or do i download the rom again and then upload ? or where do I get directions for this
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    i do not know if anything there answered my question about how to install another rom, can i just upload the new rom (by cutting and pasting files such as the new fat32prc to do the 8gb card before I upload the rom) or do I have to download the rom again as if i were doing this from scratch?
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    Make sure you have a copy of the ROM before the alter it so you can revert back if you run into a problem. Then yes, you can delete what you don't want and add the programs you do to one of the copies. I just cut and paste them.

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