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    Can someone tell me a simple way to back up my call log? I want to keep a record of at least one specific call that was made from my phone in a pricing dispute against Sprint. Hence, it would also be great if an individual call could be copied out of this backup and sent in an email. Can this be easily done for free? Palm Desktop does not seem to keep track of calls. Thanks.
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    No, it can't be done for free. There are a few applications that allow you to export your call history. One of them is Call History Exporter.
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    I think there may be free software that can do it. MinutesPlus from R. L. Whitt. Guess I should say Donationware rather than free. He makes good stuff!
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    MinutesPlus is a great program, but it only tabulates your minutes in various ways, it doesn't export your call log to a table readable by Word, Excel, etc.

    But there is free Treo call logging software:
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    Huh. I was pretty sure I've exported mine before via MP. Maybe not. I'll have to check...
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    One of the files in the backup folder keeps the call log
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    Other than restore, do you know of a way to do anything else with that backup file?
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    There is Natara's Comet - I have been using it since the days of the 600. The site is

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    Quote Originally Posted by sblanter View Post
    Other than restore, do you know of a way to do anything else with that backup file?
    The two programs I mentioned in post #4 look at your Treo call log backup file stored on your PC or Mac, translate the information from that file into human readable form, display it on your PC or Mac, give you various sorting and exporting options, and they're free. Is that what you wanted?
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    Well, I don't know. I think the OP, as well as I, was looking for something free. I don't use a mac, and I thought with Treodesktop, to be able to use it like I would want (exporting the data), was only for registered users.

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