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    are there any program to silence my sms at night?

    **i want a program that will FILTER my sprint or yahoo alert messages at night, but will STILL ALLOW other sms (from contacts) messages to go through as normal (alert tone)**

    ***filter meaning, yahoo and sprint alert messages still go through, but no alert tones**

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    I believe Lightwav 2 from Toysoft will do this, and maybe even Buzz2, which is a stripped down version of Lightwav. Take a look here and see if this has what you want:

    Also, the developer is very active and responsive:,50.0.html
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    Thanks Christie for the response.

    I do have LightWav, and all it does is comopletely "BLOCK" the SMS message.

    I need a program to silence the alert -but still allow it to come in

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    "call block" may do something similar. I love it.

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