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    What seems to be the best number of times to drain/charge a battery to break it in on a new phone? Twice, three times? What has everyone been doing?

    I tried the 680 back in December, and got rid of it due to the battery problems. I wandered over to the PPC side, tried a Tmobile DASH and iPaq hw6945, but while they have better battery life, they just don't fit as well in my hand as the Treo does. So I picked up a brand new sealed copper one off of Craigslist and it seems to have better battery life than my previous ones did. I am still breaking in the the battery which is why I ask this question. I must say it feels good to be back with a device that has good user forums.

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    Ideally for a LiIon battery - not at all - it is not good for the battery and they do not need to be conditioned. There are quite a lot of posts about this scattered in amongst various threads, and you can check it out on <>. However, the battery meter on the 680 requires at least one full discharge (till it wont work) followed by a full recharge so that it can register the full charge range. This means the meter runs down more consistently. Once is all it should take, and doing it repeatedly is not good as I said. It can be repeated monthly or less frequently if the battery meter seems to be getting inaccurate.
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    I can only speak from personal experience -- but the following conditioning process has worked for me and was recommended by the battery manufacturer. (The 680 meter situation being a separate matter. And my conditioning processes took place with 2200 mAh and 2400 mAh batteries in a Treo 650 -- a Treo 680 and a 1200 mAh may be a different matter. . . . . )

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Don't forget to apply the camera "patch" and launch the camera app when you're finished...

    Congratulations on returning to the Treo!

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