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    I just tried beaming an app from my SD card to my friend's Treo, and during the process it reset my phone. After reboot, I realized that it had maxed out my memory. I had 11MB before the beam, and now I only have 1MB.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Did you try a second soft reset?

    If that does not work, I suspect that a "cache-ing" process was involved in the beaming and that cache process was interrupted and that memory is still being held somehow.

    I am not sure a temp file like this would show in FileZ -- but you could look for a 10mb file in internal memory and see if you spy any suspects. . . . . and list them here for a thumbs up or down as far as deleting it would not cause issues.

    But before you resort to the below -- see if anyone else has a less intrusive solution:
    Last thought is a clean install -- but do a hot sync first to back up.
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    Perry -

    1st thing I did was a soft reset, which didn't work. I then searched thru my ROM files with Filez & still didn't find anything. So you would recommend a hard reset at this point? Thanks, Z.
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    FOR GIGGLES -- remove the battery for about 10 minutes and then replace it.

    It hat does not work: (Of course, someone may have an easier solution . . . .)

    Hot Sync to back up -- and then after a hard reset you should have the 23mb of internal memory free -- if you then hot sync and have your 11mb free again -- you are good to go.

    If the 11mb is not back -- do the hard reset and the clean install, as the corruption is now in your backup folder and is being brought back after the hard reset.

    If you have less than 22-23mb of free internal memory after the hard reset. . . . .big issue.
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    You need to check RAM files, not ROM. Sort the files by date, most recent listed first. Then switch the list to display size (but keep it date sorted).
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    Alright, team .... I really appreciate all of your input. I finally found a mysterious file weighing at 10+MB thru Filez. I must have overlooked it. Thanks, Perry.

    sblanter - for future problems, that's a great tip & will sort the files like suggested. Thanks.

    We're good to go ... -Asherguy
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